Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I am almost at a week out from surgery.  I haven't had any problems as of yet (knock on wood).  The full liquid diet is getting quite boring as that was pretty much all I did for about a month before surgery too.  Today I went to the grocery store with DH and it went okay.  I took half a dose of pain meds before we went and we were only going for a few things.  He really didn't want me to go because he was worried about it being too much.  Then I forgot my glasses and got really dizzy for the better part of the trip.  I am sure my beet-red face was freaking him out a bit  lol.  I can't be sure if it was because of the lack of glasses or the pain meds.  Today I almost got to protein goal, but only about 2/3 of water.  I am taking it day by day and not stressing about getting there yet, as I know I will.  The worst thing is taking the Zantac as I have to cut them in half and they stick in my throat which is still really sore from the intubation tube during surgery.  Good news though - so far down 12 lbs since day of surgery!

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