Saturday, December 29, 2012

I am home!

So the 27th was my surgery date. We got at the hospital at 8 AM. I was a nervous wreck the entire way there afraid we wouldn't make it because the roads were snowy and icy, but we made it. After waiting around a little bit, they send us upstairs. Fred was sent to a waiting area while they got me ready for surgery. They weighed me (340.5 according to their scales, which was down 9.5 since my pre-admission testing just a little more than 2 weeks ago). I got the little surgical booties, hat and gown on. Then they tried to get an IV. Only took them 4 tries and they finally got on in. By that time, Fred was allowed to come back with me. The doc came and talked to us and got permission to do it open if necessary, which thank god it wasn't. I said goodbye to Fred and I remember being wheeled into the OR. The anesthesiologist was talking to me and the staff was joking around with each other. I got up on the table and that is the very last thing I remember. They had already given me Versed and I was exhausted from not sleeping the night before. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in my room in intense pain and with a super dry mouth and throat. It was so dry I could barely talk. My throat is still a little sore from probably the tube. I kept asking where Fred was and they told me they would get him, but it seemed like it was forever before they actually did. Then when I woke up again, he was there. I was really out of it for most of the day and don't remember much. I remember about 4 hours later, I got up and walked the hall with the nurse. Then, every four hours after that. They didn't do a swallow test on me the next morning because I had had a reaction before. So, the doc just moved me to clear liquids and that went well. I never imagined that a little orange Popsicle could taste so good and also a little bit of watered down apple juice. Then, later on the same day, that same orange Popsicle tasted awful. About 5 pm, the doc came in again and I asked if I could go home now and he let me! I was really ready for a full night's sleep. I had been doing respiratory therapy every 2 hours and walking every 2 hours, so literally every hour I was up doing something. I am starting to think maybe I should have stayed another day. The hour and half drive him was AWFUL! Every little bump hurt so very much and of course we had to pick the boys up on the way home because I couldn't just let Fred go back out and get them. DUH! lol And the roads to my dad's house were really bad, covered in snow and ice. They had only been plowed and not salted. Ouch! We finally got home. I had 1/2 of a jello cup, my pain killer liquid (which tastes like ass) and went to bed. Sleeping flat was horrible and tonight I will be sleeping the recliner. If I could have moved my cpap machine myself last night, I would have moved then. I am getting up every 2 hours and walking around the house a bit and because I am a little bit congested, I am still doing the respiratory therapy. Oh, the nurse weighed me after surgery I was 3.9 heavier than before. Not too bad. I am already just a pound heavier than I was presurgery right now.

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